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Fey and Poehler liven up the Golden Globes

You had to feel for Golden Globes co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler before the 71st annual show began Sunday night.

After last year’s smash success, their chances of repeating it was about equal to the chance that Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller could repeat his sensational recent performance against the Washington Capitals.

But just like Miller did Sunday in a 2-1 win over the Caps, Fey and Poehler came close to their 2013 performance with some classic lines discussing George Clooney’s love life, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese’s glasses and Jonah Hill’s fictional pool party etiquette.

The best line was about Clooney, with Fey noting that the film “Gravity” proved that he would rather float in space “than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

Even if the woman in space was Sandra Bullock.

The 10-minute or so opening was so close in quality to last year that Fey and Poehler can come back again next year as far as I am concerned. If anything, there just wasn’t enough time given to them to enliven what otherwise was a pretty routine show. Here are some more of my views on Sunday’s show.

Best Speech: Amy Adams’ speech for her win for “American Hustle” was better than Jennifer Lawrence’s speech after her “Hustle” win. And that was a major upset because everyone loves Lawrence’s speeches. Adams also remembered writer-director David O. Russell’s name. I thought the performances were great, but I still think the movie is overrated, even if it won as best comedy or musical picture.

Classiest Speech: Michael Douglas thanked co-star Matt Damon of HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra” and told him the only reason he didn’t get the acting award was “because I had more sequins.” I hope Douglas’ beard was for his next role because Channel 2 anchor Scott Levin’s beard was better and he shaved it off.

Best “Award”: Poehler got to kiss Bono after winning as best actress in a comedy series. You wonder if the kiss made her feel better – and will be a more long-lasting memory – than the award.

Oddest Speech: Jacqueline Bisset must have been in “deep” thought before speaking after winning for her performance in a TV series that three Western New Yorkers probably saw – “Dancing on the Edge.” Then the star of “The Deep” way back in 1977 must have thought she was in Europe where you are allowed to use bad words. She might still be talking as far as I know.

Best Promo: After winning for best song for “Mandela: Long Walk for Freedom,” Bono gave a nice speech that ended with his advising people to see the movie. Bono always gives good speeches. The song in the movie certainly sounded better than the songs Bono and The Edge wrote for the Broadway musical about Spider-Man.

Worst Promo: NBC is running so many promos for the Sochi Olympics that I briefly thought “American Ninja” was a new sport instead of a dumb reality show.

Biggest Surprise: Andy Samberg of the Fox comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” won as best actor in a comedy or musical and the show was named best comedy or musical. The critically acclaimed series has about nine viewers in Western New York. You might want to give it a try just to see if Justin Timberlake makes a surprise appearance.

Best Harvey Weinstein Moment: The University at Buffalo graduate who became one of Hollywood’s biggest movie producers was in on the gag in which Amy Poehler played Tina Fey’s fictional son “Randy.” Poehler stopped at Weinstein’s table and asked if he was her father. Weinstein seemed to enjoy it – or Poehler and Fey will never work in Hollywood again.

OK, I’m kidding. After Sunday night, they can still write their own ticket.

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