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Letters for Jan. 12

UB’s Strategic Plan the right way to go

Recently The News published a letter from a UB Alumnus speaking out against the University’s rebranding of its athletic programs from “UB” to “State University of New York Buffalo.” I completely disagree with that writer.

I too am a proud Alumnus of SUNY Buffalo. As a long-time supporter of the University and a football season-ticket holder, I applaud the current “Intercollegiate Athletics Strategic Plan” which was issued by the University in 2013.

The number of SUNY Buffalo alumni throughout Western New York, New York State, the U.S. and the globe is large. I believe it is wise to reach out to all of them to broaden the branding of the University. The world we live in changes daily and it is no longer sufficient to market our alma mater solely in our own backyard.

As this relates to the athletic department at SUNY Buffalo, appealing to alumni by moves such as carrying football games on New York City radio stations or adding the words “New York” to the jerseys is a positive. Why not ask all alumni to reconnect to the University and help to grow the sports program? Every sports fan recognizes “Florida State” or “Ohio State” as distinct brands. It will take time, effort and dollars to make “State University New York Buffalo” similarly recognized, but it is possible.

I would ask that all UB friends, family and alumni – wherever they be located – get behind the current administration and help propel SUNY Buffalo into the next level of recognized academic institutions. Go Bulls!

Rick Gilmartin


Nothing wrong with loud, passionate fans

The Sunday after the last Bills home game ended just as the Sunday after the opener, with a letter from a “Football Tourist” complaining about how rowdy and boisterous the crowd was.

Well, here’s a news flash – Buffalo Bills fans are loud, intense (especially against hated rivals) and we’ve even been known to drink a little beer. Every visitor has the right to a safe, fun experience – but we diehard fans also have the right to display our passion. Increasingly the “No Fun League” attempts to legislate impromptu player and fan passion out of the game. Accordingly, the Bills organization has seriously hindered the tailgate scene.

The true, diehard, fans who buy the season tickets and continue the legacy of Buffalo Bills Football deserve advocacy lest the game day experience becomes no more electric than a trip to the water cooler.

Peter Thering


Manuel may not be the QB to lead Bills

If Doug Whaley and Doug Marrone think for one second that EJ Manuel is our quarterback of the future, it would defy common sense.

Here we have a quarterback that is injury prone and missed six games during the season because of injuries and nobody really knows if he is going to play from one week to the next. Marrone said he was certain Manuel would play against New England but changed his mind at the last minute.

This is not leadership and only more excuses. It’s time for Whaley and Marrone to get serious and be held accountable.

Gerald Gutowsky


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