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Steve Brown coming back to Channel 2 after a long stint at Fox News

Steve Brown, who went on to work at Fox News as a political reporter based in Chicago after working at two Buffalo TV stations, is returning to the market as a Channel 2 investigative reporter.

Brown, who worked at Channel 2 as a weekend anchor and reporter from 1990-94 and also was an investigative reporter at Channel 7 after that, begins his new job Monday.

During his days at Fox News starting in 1997 or 1998, Brown covered four presidential campaigns. He left Fox News a while ago when the network experienced cutbacks in its bureaus.

A 1983 Canisius College graduate, Brown interned at Channel 2 while he was in college.

“He’s really smart and he’s really tenacious and he fits our watchdog advocacy journalism perfectly,” said Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toelllner.

Brown’s hiring highlights the competition with Channel 4, which recently has increased its emphasis on its investigative team.


I sent Channel 4 meteorologist Don Paul a Facebook message Wednesday to ask for a comment about CNN correspondent Pamela Brown’s claim Tuesday evening that there is a different standard or threshold for Buffalo blizzards than those elsewhere.

I told our local weather guru and teacher that I was looking for something humorous to answer Brown, who made the unusual claim speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

I was looking for something like the comment Paul made a day or two earlier about people who drive during a snowstorm without their lights on: “Are you nuts?”

Paul did not disappoint. His answer was humorous and educational.

“Our instruments don’t have a different threshold,” Paul responded. “It’s our people. We have the same one-quarter-mile visibility and 35 mph winds that all other blizzards have. But from the Department of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, despite the fact that Buffalo gets lots more snow than NYC, we get fewer blizzards.”


The Wednesday night episode of “American Pickers” with former local firefighter Frank Raquet was as inspirational as advertised. Co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz not only learned about Raquet’s inspirational and busy life since he was paralyzed almost 30 years at a fire scene, they also learned that he can strike a mean bargain. The haggling over items inside Raquet’s barns on his Akron farm was priceless entertainment.


Let’s hope that co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are funnier Sunday night at the Golden Globes on NBC than they have been in the promos for the award show. They already have a tough act to follow after wowing viewers at last year’s Globes.


Next week, Channel 2 morning anchor John Beard is heading to the Screen Actors Guild Awards with the cast of “Arrested Development,” which was nominated for its Netflix season.


Good news for fans of Channel 2’s chief weather anchor Kevin O’Connell. I’m told that he recently agreed to a new three-year deal, which means he and Paul can continue to verbally spar on Facebook for that long.


Note to Channel 7 anchor Keith Radford, who during happy talk this week with sports director Jeff Russo thought that former Buffalo Bill Thurman Thomas lost his helmet at the start of the Super Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Thomas actually lost his helmet in the Super Bowl loss to Washington that was played in Minneapolis.


Finally, Channel 2 anchor Scott Levin shaved off his beard after two days on the air and quickly posted his clean-shaven look on Facebook in a picture with O’Connell. Levin got a lot of social media mileage out of his beard, so I’d say keeping it on for a few days before shaving it off was a win-win.


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