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Letter: Why have Clintons become so popular?

Why have Clintons become so popular?

I have no doubt that the women accusing Dennis Gabryszak of misconduct are telling the truth. I also believed Anita Hill and the women who accused Bill Clinton, despite the very clever and very effective “nuts and sluts” campaign that the Clintons waged. What was that line about dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park? Well played, Bill.

I can’t understand why the Clintons have become so popular or why any self-respecting feminist would ever consider voting for Hillary. This one won’t.

And while we’re revisiting the Clinton era, I’d like to point something out to all of the folks who get indignant about Bill being impeached for fooling around. Sex is legal. He was impeached because there was plenty of evidence that he was guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice. And those things aren’t legal.

I strongly recommend Robert Reich’s memoir, “Locked in the Cabinet.” It’s a very readable account of his years in the Clinton cabinet – an insider’s view of just how Machiavellian the Clintons are. Remember Dick Morris, the pollster and adviser to the president? No, I didn’t think so. On second thought, I guess I do know why the Clintons are so popular.

Fran Bennatti


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