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Silent majority needs to speak loud and clear

So long as the silent majority remains silent, our judicial system will further succumb to the slippery slope. Many would say, “it’s still the best in the world.” They would be right, for now. But there are judges making decisions across the country that suggest we are in bigger trouble than any of us will allow ourselves to acknowledge.

Take, for example, affluenza. In the most recent case in Texas, a drunken driver killed four people and injured two others. The judge found this young man afflicted by affluenza, which suggests a coded term for “a financial influence,” and spared him a prison sentence.

The most obvious indicators are cases that wind up on both criminal and civil court dockets. The disparity between these two courts’ findings should be inciting outrage. Yet the silent majority continues to display the obedience, tolerance and patience befitting law-abiding citizens.

How important the word “outrage” is, only the future will tell. History may show it loomed large.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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