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Canadian family finds shelter for selves, horses in Eden

A family from Ontario and their horses learned Tuesday that even in a blizzard, Western New Yorkers will pitch in and help when it is needed. As a result, the horses found warmth in a stable on Kulp Road and the family enjoyed an unexpected stay overnight in Eden.

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Eden Town Board, Supervisor Glenn Nellis said while the two-day weather event wreaked havoc and created difficult conditions, “one of the stories that came out – in a positive sense,” involved helping a family who was returning from a horse show in Florida to their home near Kitchener, Ont., when Mother Nature’s fury led them on an adventure from Erie, Pa., to Eden.

According to Bob Stickney, emergency manager for the Town of Eden, about mid-afternoon on Tuesday, the family, returning from a horse show in Tampa, were rerouted in Erie to Route 20.

“They got to Erie and the road was blocked,” Stickney said.

From there, they decided they wanted to move inland in an attempt to avoid heavy traffic, and found Route 62 on their map.

“They got here of course and had to stop,” Nellis said. Because of the driving ban, Eden Police forced them to stop driving.

One of the problems was that the trailer the three quarter horses were carried in had no heat. With temperatures in the single digits and wind chills well below zero, it meant that not only was the family stuck in Eden, but that the horses needed somewhere to stay warm and remain safe.

“We had to find a stable that had room,” Nellis said.

With the help of Stickney and Highway Superintendent Ronald Maggs, the horses found shelter at a stable on Kulp, which is off Sandrock Road.

Besides taking care of the horses, Stickney said emergency services personnel made sure the family was safe as well.

“They stayed at our warming center at the fire hall,” Stickney said, adding that they gathered the horses the next morning when the driving ban was lifted and continued their journey home.

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