The band of intense snow and wind might be moving north and south in Erie County, bit it doesn’t ever seem to leave the City of Lackawanna.

“We haven’t received a break yet,” said Mayor Geoffrey M. Szymanski,

Plows have been out since midnight, clearing most streets at least once.

But Szymanski said residents might not notice, and a driving ban remains in effect in the city.

“We hit every street and in most cases it’s as if we never touched them,” he said.

Now, plow crews are concentrating on main and secondary roads, just to keep pace with the snowfall.

“You can’t not do anything because it will accumulate and then you can’t push it,” said Szymanski, who has been using Facebook to communicate with city residents.

Monday night, he even encouraged people to stay home and “have some Jimmy Griffin juice” while watching the Florida State versus Auburn national championship bowl game.

Former Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin famously encouraged city residents to “stay inside, grab a six-pack” during a 1985 blizzard.


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