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Letter: School Board’s support of Brown is mystifying

School Board’s support of Brown is mystifying

It never fails. Every time I read an article about Buffalo Superintendent Pamela Brown defending her record against detractors, the number one achievement – or it seems what she cites first – is her having “decreased short-term suspensions.” Let’s face it. A school superintendent has very little to do with the short-term suspension of a student. Superintendents busy themselves with bigger issues, like dealing with State Ed in Albany, and master plans for creating better schools. But this superintendent continues to point to this one statistic, as if this is somehow an accolade. OK, so her name was on the door while building principals had to refrain from removing the more disruptive students from their buildings, rather than suspending them.

I hope that in the coming months, the five members of the Buffalo School Board who continue to support her remember that although Brown was summoned to Albany last spring with other professionals in a last-ditch effort to write acceptable plans, she had the audacity to remain in Buffalo. Why? It was more important to greet President Obama at the University at Buffalo than to steward her struggling staff to Albany. That one action alone speaks volumes about her priorities.

Christine Bronson


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