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Letter: SAFE Act won’t stop shootings in schools

SAFE Act won’t stop shootings in schools

I am writing in response to a Dec. 27 letter regarding the NY SAFE Act. The writer starts out with the fiction that the “SAFE Act was passed in response to a public call for responsible gun ownership.” That was not the case. It was passed by a governor who has presidential aspirations and wanted to be able to say he was the first to pass tough gun laws. The will of the people is that 52 out of 62 counties passed resolutions asking for repeal. The writer mistakenly believes that making penalties harsher for domestic violence or carrying a gun on school grounds will prevent these actions.

Gun-free zones actually encourage school shootings by creating a safe haven for these maniacs. Almost all of these shootings end when the first cop arrives with a gun. Example: The recent Colorado shooter took his own life after 80 seconds when an armed school resource officer made it to the area. Overlooked by many in that shooting was that the student also had three Molotov cocktails in his bag, and had he tossed those into classrooms, no one would be calling him a school shooter.

The most deadly school massacre in the United States took place in Bath, Mich., in May 1927. Andrew Kehoe blew up the school with dynamite, killing 38 children and six adults and injuring 58 more.

The gun control crowd really does not have an answer to the fact that while adding 6 million concealed-carry permit holders, homicides with firearms have dropped 40 percent in the last 20 years.

The truth is that those with evil in their heart will find a way to accomplish their evil deeds. Murder has been against the law for hundreds of years, but it continues. To reduce murder, the focus needs to be on mental health care and career criminals, who commit 70 percent of murders. Since politicians know this and do nothing, we need to question their true motives when they target legal firearm owners.

Gerry Cumbo

1st Vice President, Shooters Committee

on Political Education (SCOPE), Depew

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