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Letter: Require our anthem to be sung correctly

Require our anthem to be sung correctly

I guess I am just too patriotic for today’s world. It is a disgrace the way our national anthem is treated by these so-called famous song stylists. (I can’t really call them singers because if they were, they would be able to sing the national anthem correctly).

I give credit to the gentleman who sings the Canadian and U.S. anthems at Sabres home games. I also give credit to the producers of NASCAR, because the guest singers pay respect to our anthem and sing it correctly.

No other country’s anthem is treated like ours is – with disrespect. I also cannot understand why the producers of the various programs – and specifically, the Rose Bowl, which aired on New Year’s Day – cannot include a clause in the contract of these songsters that the anthem must be sung as written and with respect.

It is not only the football games that take license with the song. Many events allow “interpretation” of the melody, and to me, that is totally wrong. I guess that it really doesn’t matter anymore – the rest of the world doesn’t respect us anyway. But then, other nations of the world have their anthems sung the way they are supposed to be. People wouldn’t be so disrespectful of their songs.

My voice isn’t very good, but I do know the correct way to sing our national anthem.

Barbara Crawford


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