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Final regular season NFL Power Rankings

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Seattle Seahawks. Ronnie Lott would knock brash Golden Tate to Pluto. (1).

2. San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh still worth 3 points every game. (2).

3. Carolina Panthers. If Cam Newton is within 1 score with 3 minutes left, I like his chances. (4).

4. Denver Broncos. Nuggets suddenly the No. 1 destination for all NBA free agents. (3).

5. New England Patriots. Tom Brady greater than the NSA’s disdain for the Constitution. (5).

6. Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis would slow-play four aces. (8).

7. New Orleans Saints. Ryan’s D went from 32nd to 4th. (7).

8. Green Bay Packers. Move way up with return of Rodgers. (16).

9. Philadelphia Eagles. Defense faced most plays in NFL. (9).

10. Indianapolis Colts. Plus-13 on turnovers. (10).

11. Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid coach of year. (11).

12. Arizona Cardinals. NFC West was 38-24-2 vs. the spread. (6).

13. San Diego Chargers. Frank Reich did great job with Rivers. (12).

14. Pittsburgh Steelers. Like their playoff chances in 2014. (13).

15. Chicago Bears. Had no choice but to overpay for Cutler. (15).

16. Baltimore Ravens. Need overhauling. (14).

17. Dallas Cowboys. The problem is not the coach, it’s the GM. (17).

18. Detroit Lions. Ray Horton would make good head coach. (18).

19. N.Y. Jets. Loved the video of players, Woody announcing Rex Ryan would be back. (23).

20. Miami Dolphins. This organization is a soup sandwich. (19).

21. St. Louis Rams. Loving the No. 2 draft pick. (20).

22. Tennessee Titans. Cyrus Kouandjio cost himself millions in the Sugar Bowl. (21)

23. Atlanta Falcons. Will have winning record next year. (22).

24. Buffalo Bills. Thank God for Bills fans the Browns are in the NFL. (24).

25. N.Y. Giants. I hope it’s a blizzard for Super Bowl. (26).

26. Minnesota Vikings. No. 31 on defense. (27).

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Huge step up in class from Schiano to Lovie. (25).

28. Jacksonville Jaguars. Johnny Manziel might be the only person not named Tim Tebow who can sell tickets in Jacksonville. (28).

29. Cleveland Browns. Another dead limb from the Belichick coaching tree, anyone? (29).

30. Oakland Raiders. Stink. (30).

31. Washington Redskins. Stank. (31).

32. Houston Texans. Stunk. (32).

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