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More bonechilling cold on the way

The wind chill advisory ended at noon, but don’t reach for that T-shirt just yet.

The 2 degree temperature and minus 8 degree wind chill is only expected to get a few degrees warmer today, according to the National Weather Service. Then, a new advisory in effect from 9 tonight until 4 a.m. Saturday warns the wind chill effect could make it feel like 20 below zero outside.

“Make sure to bundle up and limit time outside. Exposed skin is prone to frostbite,” said meteorologist Dan Kelly.

Today’s high is expected to go up to 8 degrees today in Buffalo but with a wind chill making it feel like minus 5.

Temperatures do start to get better after that, at least for a short while. Temperatures are expected to warm up into the low 30s later on Saturday and stay there on Sunday, when a likelihood of rain and snow in the afternoon switches over to snow overnight.

Then, beginning Monday night to Tuesday night, temperatures are expected to plummet again, similar to today’s.

“The temperatures will drop, drop, drop,” said meteorologist Bob Hamilton.

While parents and businesses may not welcome another cold spell, it could be just what the doctor ordered for kids hoping to stay home from school because of the bone-chilling cold.

This morning, the wind chill factor was minus 13 when the calls went out to homes announcing school had been canceled. It got down to minus 16 degrees an hour later.

Perhaps the only ones to welcome today’s cold were Buffalo Zoo’s polar bears Luna and Kali.

“They’re one of the few zoo animals that don’t mind the extreme cold. They’re really fun to watch in the snow,” said zoo spokeswoman Rachel Gottlieb.

Meanwhile, there have been 1,900 flight cancellations today, on top of the more than 2,000 that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday.


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