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Hamburg Town Board members can’t agree on first meeting

It’s a new year, but already there is a kerfuffle about scheduling of the annual Hamburg Town Board reorganization meeting.

The meeting includes dozens of routine resolutions.

There also are a handful of political appointments, such as the town attorney, or chairman of the Planning or Zoning boards, at the reorganization meeting.

The Hamburg reorganization is typically held the first Monday in January.

But Supervisor Steven J. Walters Sr. said he is not scheduling the meeting yet because the two new board members, Cheryl Potter-Juda and Michael P. Quinn Jr., said they are not ready for it.

“They have not shared any information whatsoever regarding any appointments or anything,” Walters said.

Potter-Juda and Quinn, both Democrats, said they are ready for the meeting and have been trying to have Walters schedule it. Monday, the two gave Walters a formal request to schedule the meeting. They want it to be held next Monday.

Walters, the board’s lone Republican, met with Potter-Juda and Quinn on Dec. 23 and Monday.

“They said they would be ready by the 30th,” Walters said.

But on that day, he said, “They said they were not ready.”

That account was disputed.

“That’s not true at all,” Potter-Juda said. “The meeting is Jan 6. Mike Quinn and I will go through with it.”

“We will have the agenda for the reorganization posted online by (today),” Quinn said. “If he decides not to call a meeting, that’s on him, not on us.”

Walters said that many operations in the town will carry on but that the failure to have a reorganization meeting can cause disruption, and people are waiting to find out what will happen.

It is known the two Democrats plan to appoint Walter Rooth III town attorney. Rooth ran unsuccessfully against Walters in November.

“When you can’t make decisions, or if you withhold those decisions, it creates disruption,” Walters said. “I’m certainly hoping they are going to start doing what is in the best interests of the town and not listen to party bosses.”

There had been controversy and bickering at meetings of the old Town Board, particularly between Councilwoman Amy Ziegler and Councilman Joseph Collins. Many thought things would change with two new members.

“We just took office as of today,” Potter-Juda said Wednesday.

“He is the common denominator of dysfunction,” she said of Walters.

She said Walters needs to get along with people, or resign.

All three said they hope the others do what is right for the town.

But, Quinn said, “I don’t think this is the way to start.”


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