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Reporters’ Notebook

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to Scottish poet Alexander Smith, born on this date in 1829, “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.”


Cardinal Resolutions

The holiday is over

The New Year doth begin

A squeaky clean slate

Devoid of hate

Completely without sin.

No Anger, Lust or Envy

No Avarice, Sloth or Pride

No Gluttony, now Weight Watching

Will be our daily guide.

We’ll find that flawless someone

Who’s hidden well within

The paragon of virtue

We knew we should have been.

The child of God we were at birth

All innocent and new

Oh, how I wish this fantasy

Could possibly be true.

But we can’t deny our human defects

It’s normal to make mistakes

So thank God for this New Year

And a chance for all our sakes

To try again just one more time

A January date

To pursue our goal of perfection

That very elusive state.

– Diana Notaro


PASTA TIME – Ready to start 2014 right are the folks at Stephen Sikora Post 1322, American Legion, 950 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda. They hold their first spaghetti dinner of the new year from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday. Dinners are $6 and include meatballs, salad, bread and butter, and a beverage. For an extra $1.50, you get a choice of homemade desserts.


EYE ON EBENEZER – Historic Ebenezer is the topic of the next exhibit in the Burchfield Nature and Art Center, 2001 Union Road, West Seneca.

Assembled by the West Seneca Historical Society, it opens with a reception from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday that includes a slide show and a lecture on Ebenezer by town historian Jim Pace.

All are welcome. The exhibit continues through January.

The center is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Rene Robert, Pamela Labell, Jerry Buczkowski, Chris Knauber, Gail Major, Sandy Jordan, Amanda Skinner, Joanne Ulatowski, Ann Pokorny, Vi Jarmon, Betty Kiener, Ken Swanekamp, John Patrick Harrison, Patrice Doyle, Molly Doran, Joey Battaglia, Lisa Spacone, Sue Gorman and Diane Sztukowski.

NEW YEAR’S DAY – Alexander Ostrozinski, Yves-Richard Blanc, Jeff Simon, Delores Pryor, Montrice Goins, Jeanette Coleman, Trenton Hassett, Dr. John Twist, Philip Kurzanski, Bob Sikora, Rosalie Faragiano, Sister Mary Pauline Pasierb, Sister Mary Blaise Surlas, Dennis Beres, Omar Bashir, Isho Maalim, Jack Myers, Mike Barrett, Allayne Barnum, Mary Lou Zeis and Michelle Wutz.

AND THURSDAY – Glenn Locke, Randy Kramer, Polla Milligan, Joe Rubino, Melissa Brown, Emma Kruszka, Karen Ryan, Paul Davis Moore, Chris Russell, Michele Sobczyk, Austin and Daniel Ziskowski, Barbara Black, Albert D. Liberatore, Carol Shoemaker and Bud Hartmann.


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