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Trainers offer advice in starting fitness regimen

Almost everybody wants to lose weight and eat better. It’s possible, but there are better ways than to make huge, drastic changes.

Still, you have to start, and here are a few tips from some local experts:

You want to lose 20 pounds? How about you lose 5 pounds in January? And how about from a nutrition standpoint, we make one change and not try to transform our whole diet in January. Let’s not eat Sugar Smacks in the morning. Let’s choose some fruit and one scrambled egg. Let’s try to decrease our carbs in the morning and not change anything yet in the afternoon or evening. Let’s get through a month of changing our breakfast.

– Russell Certo, owner Grand Island Physical Therapy and Medically Oriented Gym

Do something new before Dec. 31, whether it’s taking a new class, going to a museum, going out for an hour walk. Do it before your even choose your resolutions. And age is no barrier when it comes to staying fit. Even if you start when you’re 70, it’s going to help with everything from your mood to your longevity to your fitness.

– Kathy Corff Rogers, Jewish Community Center group fitness trainer

Put a little bit of money together and take a few fitness classes from somebody who can literally show you what to do, and every once in a while, go back and learn to go to the next level. People think they’ve got to be with a trainer forever. For people who have the means, I think it’s fantastic – we love our clientele and we’ve had people for many, many years – but it is important to get the guidance. In the interim, during the holidays – or maybe there’s a snowstorm and your stuck in the house – there are things you can do at home. You’ve just got to learn how to do it whether it’s at home or the gym.

– Cheryl Reddish, owner of Maximum Fitness Training in Amherst

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