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NFL Power Rankings for Dec. 29

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Seattle Seahawks. Plus-16 in turnovers. (1).

2. San Francisco 49ers. Greg Roman would be good HC. (5).

3. Denver Broncos. Five players with 10-plus TDs. (4).

4. Carolina Panthers. No. 2 on defense. (7)

5. New England Patriots. Tom Brady greater than The Gray Man. (3).

6. Arizona Cardinals. Too bad one of top 10 teams is likely to miss playoffs. (11)

7. New Orleans Saints. So much for dome-field edge. (2)

8. Cincinnati Bengals. 7-0 at home. (8).

9. Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Irvin on Riley Cooper: “Give the brother his due.” (6)

10. Indianapolis Colts. Vinatieri still good at 40. (16).

11. Kansas City Chiefs. Locked into No. 5 seed. (9)

12. San Diego Chargers. Defense 29th vs. pass. (13)

13. Pittsburgh Steelers. Probably the 6th best AFC team but won’t make playoffs. (18)

14. Baltimore Ravens. Not good: Flacco playing hurt. (12).

15. Chicago Bears. Defense crumbles faster than the French at the Battle of Sedan. (14)

16. Green Bay Packers. 7-1 vs. Jay Cutler. (22).

17. Dallas Cowboys. If Matt Cassel can beat Eagles, Kyle Orton can play them close. (17)

18. Detroit Lions. Stafford struggles without Megatron. (10)

19. Miami Dolphins. Have great shot to make playoffs but don’t deserve it. (15)

20. St. Louis Rams. No. 26 on offense. (19)

21. Tennessee Titans. CB Verner playing great. (21)

22. Atlanta Falcons. Crowd so small in Georgia Dome today, police will arrest it for breaking and entering. (23).

23. N.Y. Jets. Minus-19 on turnovers. (25)

24. Buffalo Bills. Foxborough is NFL’s worst road trip. (27)

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Florida is a rotten pro football state. (24).

26. N.Y. Giants. Eli Manning, in bid to cut turnovers, swears off watching the Knicks. (20)

27. Minnesota Vikings. Rick Spielman drafted Christian Ponder, but Leslie Frazier is going to get fired? (30).

28.Jacksonville Jaguars. Nothing screams failure like tarped seats. (26)

29. Cleveland Browns. Losing Desmond Bryant hurt D. (29).

30. Oakland Raiders. Nnamdi Asomugha no Willie Brown, Lester Hayes or Charles Woodson. (28)

31. Washington Redskins. Shanahan to pull a Marlon Brando and send Sacheen Littlefeather to coach in his place. (31).

32. Houston Texans. 13 straight losses. (32).

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