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Letter: Make owners liable if guns are misused

Make owners liable if guns are misused

Almost a year to the day after the Sandy Hook slaughter of the innocents, another young man with either a grudge or mental illness carried another gun into another school (near Columbine) and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, with one student wounded, the only fatality was the young man himself, a suicide.

Let the gun control debates begin.

As an avowed liberal who would like to see gun control but nevertheless enjoys trips to the pistol range with his police officer son, I would like to propose an alternative to the traditional debate. The first time I traveled to see my son in his new home, I asked to see the gun safe that would keep his guns out of the hands of my grandchildren. Satisfied, I enjoyed the rest of the tour.

I propose a national policy of personal responsibility, a concept conservatives must support. Instead of limiting gun ownership or magazine size, let’s make all gun owners responsible for the guns they own, just as car owners are responsible for what is done with their cars. In short, all guns must be registered with the state (not the federal government, which sets off NRA paranoid fantasies). Any gun used in any crime becomes the civil and criminal responsibility of the registered owner, unless reported stolen beforehand.

Buy all the guns you want but understand that you are liable if they are misused. To avoid jail or a lawsuit, be careful. The NRA is fond of talking about responsible gun owners. Let’s make all gun owners responsible.

Gary Earl Ross


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