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Letter: Easy access to schools gives shooters an edge

Easy access to schools gives shooters an edge

On Dec. 13, we heard of yet another school shooting, which raised the ire of much of the population. I understand that gun control and gun security are hot topics that have many calling for tough control laws. But I believe that we should be asking ourselves and school administrators: How do shooters gain such easy access to these buildings?

A report on NBC’s “Today” about school security showed that most schools are still allowing entrance to people simply by being buzzed in. The reporter wandered the halls of a school before anyone challenged him or asked what room he was looking for. In our Western New York schools, after-school and weekend programs and athletic events are open for anyone to wander in, with no security or anyone monitoring the open doors.

While we are quick to regulate, mandate and control after a crisis, school boards and administrators should be looking at the obvious. Open doors are just that – open for anyone to enter, including someone with other than honorable intentions. Let’s not lull ourselves into the mentality of “it will never happen in our community.” It will if we allow it.

Scott D. Gorton


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