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Letter: Boehner and tea party have lost all credibility

Boehner and tea party have lost all credibility

House Speaker John Boehner recently criticized tea party-aligned conservatives, saying: “groups criticize something they have never seen … using our members and the American people for their own goals … misleading their followers … pushing our members in places they don’t want to be … they’ve lost all credibility.”

You don’t say. Who would think that the Heritage Foundation (Jim DeMint, touting pure ideology and political lines) the Club for Growth (budget-stripping goals, anti-union, ultra-rich backed), the Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers, big business) and others would be so selfish and force their own agenda? The fact is these extremist groups have been around for some time using misinformation, manipulation through fear and propaganda to push their ulterior motives. The speaker knows this all too well. It was Boehner and company who lost credibility when they began to force-feed Americans this constant diet of obstruction and dysfunction. In reality, Boehner’s indignation was prompted by the tea party’s plummet in the polls. Hopefully the spell has been broken.

Gary M. Schulenberg


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