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Buffalo News Staff Selections, Week 16

Miami at Bills (+2½)

Mark Gaughan: Miami

Jay Skurski: Bills

Tim Graham: Miami

Jerry Sullivan: Bills

Bob DiCesare: Bills

Milt Northrop: Miami

New Orleans (+3) at Carolina

Mark Gaughan: New Orleans

Jay Skurski: Carolina

Tim Graham: Carolina

Jerry Sullivan: Carolina

Bob DiCesare: Carolina*

Milt Northrop: Carolina

Dallas at Washington (+2½)

Mark Gaughan: Dallas

Jay Skurski: Washington

Tim Graham: Washington

Jerry Sullivan: Dallas

Bob DiCesare: Washington

Milt Northrop: Dallas

Tampa Bay (+5½) at St. Louis

Mark Gaughan: Tampa Bay

Jay Skurski: St. Louis

Tim Graham: Tampa Bay

Jerry Sullivan: Tampa Bay

Bob DiCesare: St. Louis

Milt Northrop: St. Louis

Chicago (+3) at Philadelphia

Mark Gaughan: Philadelphia

Jay Skurski: Chicago

Tim Graham: Chicago

Jerry Sullivan: Philadelphia

Bob DiCesare: Philadelphia

Milt Northrop: Philadelphia

Cleveland (+2½) at Jets

Mark Gaughan: Jets

Jay Skurski: Cleveland

Tim Graham: Cleveland

Jerry Sullivan: Cleveland

Bob DiCesare: Cleveland

Milt Northrop: Cleveland

Indianapolis (+6½) at Kansas City

Mark Gaughan: Kansas City

Jay Skurski: Indianapolis

Tim Graham: Indianapolis

Jerry Sullivan: Kansas City

Bob DiCesare: Kansas City

Milt Northrop: Kansas City

Minnesota (+7) at Cincinnati

Mark Gaughan: Cincinnati

Jay Skurski: Cincinnati

Tim Graham: Minnesota

Jerry Sullivan: Cincinnati

Bob DiCesare: Minnesota

Milt Northrop: Cincinnati

Denver at Houston (+10½)

Mark Gaughan: Denver

Jay Skurski: Denver*

Tim Graham: Denver

Jerry Sullivan: Denver

Bob DiCesare: Denver

Milt Northrop: Denver*

Tennessee at Jacksonville (+5½)

Mark Gaughan: Jacksonville

Jay Skurski: Jacksonville

Tim Graham: Tennessee

Jerry Sullivan: Jacksonville

Bob DiCesare: Tennessee

Milt Northrop: Jacksonville

Arizona (+10½) at Seattle

Mark Gaughan: Arizona

Jay Skurski: Arizona

Tim Graham: Arizona*

Jerry Sullivan: Seattle

Bob DiCesare: Seattle

Milt Northrop: Seattle

Giants (+9½) at Detroit

Mark Gaughan: Detroit

Jay Skurski: Detroit

Tim Graham: Giants

Jerry Sullivan: Detroit

Bob DiCesare: Detroit

Milt Northrop: Giants

Oakland (+10) at San Diego

Mark Gaughan: San Diego

Jay Skurski: Oakland

Tim Graham: San Diego

Jerry Sullivan: Oakland

Bob DiCesare: San Diego

Milt Northrop: Oakland

Pittsburgh (+7) at Green Bay

Mark Gaughan: Pittsburgh

Jay Skurski: Pittsburgh

Tim Graham: Green Bay

Jerry Sullivan: Pittsburgh*

Bob DiCesare: Green Bay

Milt Northrop: Green Bay

New England (+2½) at Baltimore

Mark Gaughan: New England

Jay Skurski: Baltimore

Tim Graham: New England

Jerry Sullivan: New England

Bob DiCesare: Baltimore

Milt Northrop: New England

Atlanta (+12½) at San Francisco

Mark Gaughan: San Francisco*

Jay Skurski: San Francisco

Tim Graham: San Francisco

Jerry Sullivan: Atlanta

Bob DiCesare: Atlanta

Milt Northrop: San Francisco

Last week: Gaughan: 7-8; Skurski 11-4; Graham 8-7; Sullivan 10-5; DiCesare 6-9; Northrop 6-9

Overall: Gaughan 89-110-9; Skurski 92-107-9; Graham 102-97-9; Sullivan 105-94-9; DiCesare 82-117-9; Northrop 94-105-9

Best Bets Gaughan 6-9; Skurski 7-6-2; Graham 5-8-2; Sullivan 7-7-1; Dicesare 6-9; Northrop 3-12

* Best bets // Picks are made against Latest Line in Thursday’s News.

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