Letter: Our region already has many excellent teachers - The Buffalo News

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Letter: Our region already has many excellent teachers

Our region already has many excellent teachers

As a student teacher supervisor at SUNY Buffalo State, I read with dismay The News article reporting that the Buffalo Board of Education has voted to bring the Teach for America program to the district, supplying up to 30 teachers a year.

There are many reasons why this is not necessary. The biggest reason is that the Buffalo area has many fine colleges that produce excellent teachers. There are more candidates to teach in this area than school districts need. There is no reason to go to a private firm.

In addition, there is no way that a five- to six-week summer training session can replace a four-year preparation provided for in our local colleges. If one were to research the retention rates for teachers in Teach for America, it is not much better after their contracted period than other teachers.

The recent uproar about testing among parents and teachers should be matched when a public school system hires a private firm supported by a private bank to place uncertified teachers in our classrooms.

Robert E. Gallagher

North Tonawanda

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