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Study: New York ranks high in enrolling uninsured on exchange

Fourteen percent of uninsured New Yorkers have been approved for health insurance, through a private plan or Medicaid, on the state’s insurance exchange in its first two months of operation, according to an report by a national non-profit health care research center.

New York ranks sixth in the nation in an analysis performed by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies, which compared enrollment data for the federal and state health insurance exchanges with the number of uninsured people in each state eligible to enroll there.

New York has 1.9 million people without insurance who are eligible to receive coverage through the exchange, a key component of federal health care reform. As of Nov. 30, 224,542 had been approved for enrollment in a private health plan through the state insurance exchange, and another 52,888 had been approved for enrollment in Medicaid or Child Health Plus.

The 277,430 total adds up to 14.49 percent of the eligible uninsured in New York, according to the Transamerica analysis.

Vermont has the highest rate of insuring this population, at 45.46 percent, followed by Washington State, Kentucky, Minnesota and Connecticut, all of which operate their own exchanges.

Alaska, at 2.32 percent, has the lowest rate among the 50 states and, like many of the lowest performing states, relies on the troubled federal exchange to enroll its residents.

A link to the analysis can be found at the Strictly Business blog.

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