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Perks of protein, fiber

Jason Bishoff, 28, director of the Blue Devils Fitness Center at Fredonia State College, leads by example. “I’m in the gym a lot myself,” the Dunkirk native said. “My diet’s very high in protein and very high in fiber. There’s leafy greens in there. I need those. I’ve got protein shakes in there and fish, vegetables and egg-white omelettes, the whole shebang.”

What do students, and the rest of us, need to remember about healthy eating during these stressful days of December?

You always want to take a multivitamin and plenty of water. Eat regularly, controlled portions during the day. It’s very important for your blood-glucose levels. You need your healthy fats; those omega-3 fatty acids that are in walnuts and flaxseed and fish oil. And veggies neutralize harmful molecules produced when your body’s under stress. You also want your high-fiber foods like oatmeal, nuts and beans. That’s usually associated with greater alertness, so during this time it helps you study and focus. Stay away from those high-sugar things we’re always reaching for during those stressful times. It will give you that high for a little bit but then you’ll crash after that. Another thing people are looking for is that caffeine, but caffeine actually induces anxiety, which is the first stage of stress itself.

– Scott Scanlon

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