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Chautauqua sheriff’s dispatchers to take calls for State Police

MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center in Mayville will now be the hub for dispatching state police to emergency calls.

The official transfer will start Monday.

“The partnership with the New York State Police is important for efficiencies in dispatching the closest available unit to emergencies,” said Sheriff Joseph Gerace when making the announcement Friday. The troopers have two barracks located in the county. They will retain emergency phones at both of these in Ellicott, near Jamestown, and in Fredonia in case someone pulls into the locations and has an emergency.

State Police Capt. Edward Kennedy said he believes the move will improve response times for patrols as it will eliminate the use of troopers as dispatchers.

Dispatchers at the county center already dispatch the sheriff’s deputies, the City of Jamestown police and fire, Town of Ellicott, Busti, Carroll and Chautauqua Institution. They also provide dispatch radio service to 41 of the 42 fire companies in Chautauqua County.

The Sheriff’s Office received a $6 million grant to upgrade radio services at the Mayville location. The changes and upgrades are expected to be complete in May 2015.

“Our dispatchers have the highest level of training available, and our center is in compliance with the most stringent standards set in New York State,” said Gerace. He said that the dispatchers have important “pre-arrival” training to help callers until police or first responders get to the scene.

The dispatchers also use a new confidential system to look up information about callers. People can provide information to the system to aid responders with their own profile or information about residents of their household.

The sheriff said all residents with Internet service are encouraged to file a profile at to provide the dispatchers with important information in the event of an emergency.

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