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Despite objections, Cattaraugus County officials’ pay will go up

LITTLE VALLEY – Cattaraugus County officials will be getting pay increases following a public hearing and vote Wednesday that featured a protest from a taxpayer who also is a representative of the county’s supervisory bargaining unit.

The pay hikes, which were delayed, reflect the annual 2 percent increase for 2012 and an additional 1 percent hike for 2013.

Cathy Johnson spoke during the public hearing as the lone opponent of the law that would establish the pay increases. Members of her union received no pay hikes.

“As part of the negotiation team for the Supervisory Unit, and meeting repeatedly with an out-of-county, high-priced attorney to figure all of this out, I feel the supervisory employees within the county, for the most part, have gone above and beyond to get things done, and we thought we were doing a good thing for the county in taking a zero percent raise,” she said.

She went on to say that many in supervisory roles, or who are represented by the supervisory unit, are on food stamps or other Social Services benefits, or receive heating aid.

“A loaf of bread costs the same for us as it does for each of those officers,” she said. “Even Social Security is providing a 1.5 percent increase this year.”

Johnson said the legislators can use casino revenue to provide wage increases.

The pay law was approved in a roll-call vote. The following biweekly paychecks will be issued to respective officers:

County attorney – $4,392.

County administrator – $3,774.

Director, Department Of Nursing Homes – $3,715.

Public health director – $3,707.

Public defender – $3,597.

Human Resources director – $3,147.

Information Services director – $3,103.

Commissioner of public works – $3,064.

Director of community services – $2,944.

Director of economic development, planning and tourism – $2,901.

Real property director – $2,689.

Director of aging – $2,420.

Election commissioners (two) – $2,120.

County treasurer – $72,493.

County clerk – $72,601.

County coroners (four) – $10,300.

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