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Beavers blamed for drainage woes in Silver Creek

SILVER CREEK – Big beavers are being blamed for a huge blockage restricting storm water drainage at Sunset Bay.

The beavers have built a large dam near the railroad tracks in the residential community, and local officials are worried about flooding.

Town of Hanover Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo discussed the development Monday during a meeting of the Town Board in Town Hall.

He said some of the beavers weigh from 50 to 60 pounds, there are more than just a few of them, and they are capable of rebuilding their dam overnight.

“I think we have the whole clan – aunts, uncles and cousins,” D’Angelo said.

He added that several residents have offered to trap the beavers and seem to be interested in them for their fur. He said he is looking into options with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

To further complicate matters, the dam is on private property owned by the railroad, he added, and flooding could lead to problems for both CSX and Norfolk Southern rail lines that run in the area.

D’Angelo said that this is not the first time the town has had beaver woes and that the beaver population has grown – as have the beavers.

D’Angelo also gave board members a report on his department’s efforts to reduce snow removal on rural roads. He said that this year, 9,500 feet of snow fence was installed in rural areas of the town. He said inmates from the Lake-view Shock Incarceration Facility in Brocton assisted with the installation.

The snow fence reduces costs by keeping snow from accumulating on roadways, D’Angelo said. As a result, smaller trucks used for plowing result in a fuel savings.

The town’s Highway Department is waiting for the delivery of two new trucks. D’Angelo said that special alterations to the vehicles are being done currently and that the new trucks should be ready within a few weeks.

In other matters, Town Board members moved their final meeting for December to Dec. 30 at 4 p.m. The session had been scheduled originally for next Monday. The session will allow for last-minute budget transfers. There also will be a public hearing during the session on the proposed local law requiring a site-plan review for all new construction in the commercial district. The law would make it mandatory that site plans be submitted to the town’s Planning Board before they are approved by a Zoning Board and before construction begins.

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