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NFL Power Ranking for Dec. 8

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Seattle Seahawks. No. 1 vs. pass. (1).

2. New Orleans Saints. Giving NO a mulligan for MNF loss. (2)

3. New England Patriots. Tom Brady greater than Frank Gehry’s Bilbao museum. (3).

4. Denver Broncos. Peyton on pace for 54 TDs. (4).

5. Carolina Panthers. About time for win streak to end. (5)

6. San Francisco 49ers. Playoff berth may be in jeopardy. (6).

7. Philadelphia Eagles. Foles 19 TDs, 0 INTs. (14)

8. Cincinnati Bengals. Dalton has .609 road win percentage. (9).

9. Kansas City Chiefs. Alex Smith was good vs. Broncos. (8)

10. Detroit Lions. LB DeAndre Levy leads NFL in INTs with 6. (10)

11. Dallas Cowboys. Romo 1-7 vs. spread on MNF. (11)

12. Arizona Cardinals. Carson Palmer disappointed last week. (7)

13. Baltimore Ravens. Need Dennis Pitta to provide a boost. (12).

14. Indianapolis Colts. Not good when Richardson’s YPC can’t match his GPA. (15).

15. Pittsburgh Steelers. Won 5 straight over Miami. (17)

16. Miami Dolphins. Most sacks allowed (45). (22)

17. San Diego Chargers. Pass defense is pathetic. (13)

18. Chicago Bears. Hester has only 15 punt returns. His career low is 24. (16)

19. St. Louis Rams. Tim Tebow sitting at home saying Kellen Clemens is a starter and I’m not in the league? (18)

20. N.Y. Giants. Won 5 of 6. (24)

21. Tennessee Titans. Playing third straight road game. (19)

22. Atlanta Falcons. Quarterback Hutson Mason could be good for UGA. (30).

23. Green Bay Packers. D has fallen from 11th to 24th in five weeks. (23).

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Watch for No. 54 Lavonte David. (25)

25. Buffalo Bills. Visit to Tampa in 2000 was beginning of end for Wade. (20)

26. N.Y. Jets. Time to change to pink helmets so Geno can find his own receivers. (21)

27. Oakland Raiders. Have 12-game losing streak in Eastern time zone. (26)

28. Minnesota Vikings. Vikes haven’t been good outdoors since Bud Grant left. (27).

29. Cleveland Browns. “If I ever saw myself saying I’m excited going to Cleveland I’d punch myself in the face, because I’m lying.” - Ichiro Suzuki. (28).

30. Washington Redskins. Rob Ford says changing Redskins name would be “ridiculous.” Case closed (for change). (29).

31. Jacksonville Jaguars:.Drafted a punter in the third round, five picks AHEAD of Russell Wilson. (31)

32. Houston Texans. H-town fans boo so much Texans offense has to use a silent count. (32).

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