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Letters for Dec. 8

How about a field trip to TO for Buffalo fans?

I have been a diehard Bills fan for as long as I can remember. I toyed with the idea of going to the Bills-Atlanta game in Toronto. Watching the game in the Dome would be awesome, but I wasn’t looking forward to the long drive there and back.

I searched the Internet looking for Bills packages to the game which would include a ticket to the game and round-trip bus transportation to and from the game. Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding anything that did not include spending the night in Toronto.

Why couldn’t the Bills’ organization sponsor such a program? Fans could meet at the Ralph, board a bus for Toronto, enjoy the game, and get a bus home. It seems feasible to me and I’m sure there are more fans like me who would travel to Toronto if something like this was available.

We need a larger fan base to cheer our team on in Toronto, so let’s make it easier for our fans to do this. Some fans who would not sit in cold weather to watch a game would relish sitting in a Dome in December to watch a game. Maybe the Bills’ organization could come up with something for next year’s Toronto game and give us back the home-field advantage we deserve.

Diane Nalbone


Bills not on level field with Toronto ‘home’ game

The Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999. The deal to play a “home game” every year in Toronto is not broadening your fan base, it is alienating it.

Put us back on a level playing field with the rest of the league and put the home game back in Buffalo. We’re not even “Livin’ on a Prayer” with the current arrangement with Toronto. You’ve sold us out.

David Fillenwarth


Weather is ultimate advantage in December

Dear Mr. Wilson: First allow me to applaud you for buying out the remaining tickets to make two home games a sellout.

With that said, playing in Toronto is not like playing in Buffalo with all the screaming fans and the cold weather wind and snow which we do not see in Toronto.

Imagine a day in the future when Buffalo is a playoff contender and we get one of our home games in Toronto in mid-December against a warm weather team such as Miami or San Diego. In Buffalo it’s likely to be cold with snow and wind. It’s one of our few advantages over the warm weather teams.

Do we really need to broaden our fan base to Ontario? We both know that if you put a winner on the field you will sell out every single game played. Just a thought.

Nicholas Karam


No beef with fumble, but put up or shut up

I seem to remember an article about two weeks ago or so where Stevie Johnson had a simple solution for the Bills to start winning games. I cannot quote exactly, but I think his answer was go to Stevie.

Well, Stevie, they did in Toronto in crunch time and guess what? Win No. 3 for the Falcons.

My aim here is not to criticize for the fumble, which is an unfortunate mistake. It’s only human nature. Mistakes are amplified when we put ourselves on a pedestal.

Stevie, you are not the greatest. Just keep your mouth shut and do what you are paid to do.

David Wisniewski


Progress is there, but Bills need more

I think that almost all of us can agree that the Bills are a lot more fun to watch now than during the Gailey, Jauron, and Williams eras. Doug Marrone seems to be the correct hire. Despite the Bills’ 4-8 record, there is reason for optimism going forward.

Significant progress can be expected next year if they focus on quality replacements for two linebackers and left guard. Although the Bills lead the league in sacks, they only rank 18th in passing yards allowed and 24th in rushing yards given up.

An upgrade for Eric Pears at right tackle would certainly be welcome. Also, if Jairus Byrd doesn’t return, a safety would become a priority.

It sounds like quite a bit is needed to take us to the next level. But remember, this young team will improve just by being more experienced next year. They’ll have the benefit of knowing Marrone’s system, and have a better understanding of what is expected of them.

Not unlike Johnny Appleseed, Marrone this year is spreading his seeds — seeing what will take root and grow. I’m no gardener, but I’d love to see some quality linebacker fertilizer like UCLA’s Anthony Barr, Alabama’s CJ Mosley, or UB’s Khalil Mack arrive in May’s draft to help our defense blossom.

Dennis Weber


Nolan deserves more than interim tag

The time has come. Let’s remove the interim from Ted Nolan’s title and give him the job he deserves.

The Sabres are playing with gusto and grit. Fighting for every puck, backchecking, forechecking, and playing like a team not in last place. Be assured, we are not going anywhere this year, but Ted is still the man who will bring us out of the doldrums.

Do we really have to wait for the new GM? Pat, you have seen the progress so do it now. Don’t shove him out the door again.

Paul DiVito


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