Pittsburgh’s James Neal, right, has been on a hot streak since returning from injury. (Getty Images)
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« Brian Burke and his hair, Calgary

It’s no surprise the Flames’ boss fired his GM so he can build a team with more truculence. But he shocked even his kids by showing up as Doc Brown of “Back to the Future.”

Ottawa Senators

The Sens’ foundation is donating $500,000 over the next five years to the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa to help low-income children play organized sports for free.

Los Angeles’ defense

Either the Kings have three of the best goaltenders on the planet or their defense keys the team’s NHL-leading 1.86 goals-against average. I’ll go with the latter.

The Sabres’ Week Ahead

Tuesday — Winnipeg Jets: How good is the West? The Jets had more than double the Sabres’ point total entering Saturday and they were still last in the Central Division.

Thursday — Boston Bruins: It’s looking like eight years and $56 million for Tuukka Rask was a smart move based on his 1.87 GAA goals-against average and .935 save percentage.

Saturday — at Boston: The Red Sox are OK, but a better doubleheader in Beantown is chowdah at Yankee Lobster followed by a tour of neighboring Harpoon Brewery.

The Top Line / Three people or groups making an impact in the hockey world

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