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Postponed ‘48 Hours’ on Florida murder of UB law grad to air Dec. 14

The popular CBS investigative series “48 Hours” has rescheduled the program focusing on the murder in Florida of a University at Buffalo Law School graduate.

The case was described by a Buffalo News reporter two years ago as playing out “like a Hollywood script.”

The program, which had been scheduled to run Oct. 12 before being bumped for a different murder case that was decided the day before, is now scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14 on Channel 4 unless something very unusual happens, a CBS spokesperson said.

The decision to do an hour on the murder pretty much validates that “Hollywood script” suggestion made earlier this year by Buffalo News reporter Matt Gryta.

Reported by Peter Van Sant, the “48 Hours” report on the 2011 murder of 66-year-old Lanny Horwitz in Jupiter, Fla., is titled “Love, Hate & Obsession.”

The conviction that resulted was covered in this newspaper, as was the subsequent sentencing earlier this year.

If you don’t want to know many of the details of the whodunit before tuning in to “48 Hours,” please stop reading now. The program tries to create a mystery before telling viewers the verdict.

Here is an edited report of the January sentencing by Gryta: “Donna Carnevale Horwitz, a Buffalo native and the daughter of a local baseball legend, was sentenced Thursday in a Florida courtroom to life in prison for fatally shooting her former husband.”

“A jury deliberated two hours before finding Carnevale Horwitz, 66, guilty as charged in the fatal shooting of Lanny Horwitz, a University at Buffalo Law School graduate.”

If you want to know more about the case, please check out my lengthier October blog about it.


I have no idea what the chances are that the University at Buffalo will get a bowl bid this Sunday after an 8-4 season that ended with a loss to Bowling Green for the Mid-American Conference East title that cost them a chance to play in the overall MAC title game.

But if the Bulls don’t get a bid, it might be because they aren’t viewed as likely to draw a lot of potential fans to the bowl site and TV sets.

A big local rating for UB’s loss to Bowling Green might have helped convince bowl committees that the Bulls would travel well. But the game only had a 1.9 local rating on ESPNU.

By comparison, Auburn’s thrilling, last-second victory over Alabama the next day on Channel 4 that featured a winning 109-yard touchdown return of a failed Bama field goal attempt had an 8.1 rating here. That is the highest-rated regular season college football game here in recent memory. It also is higher than most Buffalo Sabres games have received this season.

But the 8.1 rating doesn’t approach Buffalo Bills territory. The Bills’ overtime loss to Atlanta on Sunday in Toronto had a 34.2 rating on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate.


Time Warner Cable’s new, theme-based digital channel lineup made its debut across many areas of Western New York this week, with the city of Buffalo, Olean and a few other areas getting the new lineup on Thursday.

I’ve tried to explain it a few times before in blogs. But judging by my emails and a Channel 7 story Monday night, some people are very confused about where they can find some of their favorite channels.

Time Warner subscribers should search for the latest bills since the new lineup was included in that mailing. If you can’t find the bill, head to to find the new channels that are organized in genres such as entertainment, news, kids programming, sports, pay-channels and more.

Channel 7 anchor Joanna Pasceri advised viewers Monday that the standard definition channels under 100 remain the same and suggested they go to the 1200 tier to find Channel 7 in high definition.

That would work. However, Time Warner has said that subscribers who have a high definition box will be automatically switched to a HD tier when they are on a standard definition channel below 100 so you really don’t have to do anything.

A TWC release states that the new digital channel lineup “will be simple and easier to navigate.”

That eventually may be true after all the early confusion.


Inquiring minds want to know: When is Netflix going to air the second season of “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey?

The entire season will be available Feb.14, which should make Valentine’s Day very interesting in the homes of couples who love the series and have to choose between romance and political intrigue.


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