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Correct diamond put back in repaired ring

A Buffalo jeweler who accidentally placed the wrong diamond in a ring he was repairing for a Williamsville man said that once the mistake was brought to his attention last month, he found the correct diamond and placed it back in the setting.

A story Nov. 12 in The Buffalo News stated that the Williamsville man had gone to the jeweler and later noticed the diamond in the ring was not the same one he had taken to the city jewelry shop.

The man told Buffalo Police at the time that the ring contained a diamond valued at $40,000. When the ring was returned to him, he said, it had a different stone, with a value of about $20,000. No charges were filed in the case.

The jeweler informed The News that he has put the correct diamond in the ring and also gave the customer a $2,000 gift certificate. He added that he felt terrible about the mistake, explaining that trust between jewelers and their customers means everything.

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