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Enjoy the warm weather, cold weather is on the way

Enjoy the spring-like weather for a few more hours – a cold front is coming.

“It’s not going to be warm for much longer,” said Jon Hitchcock, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Temperatures will start falling this afternoon, from a high of about 60 degrees, as the cold front moves into the area.

But for those folks lucky enough to get outside earlier today, it was pure joy.

“A bonus day,” said Patricia Barber, who was strolling Delaware Park’s Ring Road with her husband, Bruce, who was warning people cold was coming.

“Don’t put away your snow shovels or galoshes,” Bruce Barber said, even though temperatures at the park hit 65 degrees just before noon.

It was so comfortable out that Jackie Gurney went for a walk in summer exercise attire.

“It’s fabulous. I’m out walking and wearing my sleeveless running outfit,” Gurney said.

David Haefner offered an artistic perspective as he walked the park road.

“It’s a gorgeous day, and we’ve been lucky here in Buffalo because we’ve had a slow and gradual ease into winter that has allowed us to see the city in tones and colors we don’t often get,” Haefner said.

Ah, but the transition will soon be rather abrupt.

Tonight the temperature will sink into the low 30s, and the high Friday will be in the mid-30s in the Buffalo area.

“It will stay pretty cold through the weekend, with lows in the 30s,” Hitchcock said, adding overnight lows will be in the low-20s.

He said there could be a bit of snow tonight, and a period of snow might bring a little accumulation to Buffalo tomorrow night. Closer to the state line in the Southern Tier, there could be several inches of snow tomorrow night.

While it feels like sweater weather today, we will not break the record. The record high for today is 67, which occurred in 1982.

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