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Doug Marrone tries to cut Toronto negativity off at the pass

Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone made it clear today he doesn't want himself or his players to get caught up in talking about all the ways a game in Toronto isn't as advantageous to the team as a game in Orchard Park.

Marrone acknowledged the obvious; he prefers the atmosphere advantage the team has at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He suggested he's heard good things about the quality of the artificial turf in Rogers Centre this year. (There have been complaints about its quality in past years.) When he fielded a question about the quality of the turf and the lighting (which also isn't great) in the Toronto dome, he gave reporters the message he gave to his players.

"One of the things that I wanted to do and one of my goals during the week was there's been a lot that gets pointed out in this game," Marrone said. "When you look back at how we've performed up there, we have not performed well up there.

"I went back and did a little research. We're minus-9 in turnovers. We've only had the lead at halftime in one of the games. There's a lot of poor things that we as a football team have done.

"What I looked at is I try to make sure when I spoke to the team to avoid whatever people want to say, whether it be the field, whether you're playing indoors, whether it's an away game there. Hey, that's not who we are. That's not what our core is. Our core is to go up there and win. I tried to address that early to try to get that out of our minds."

Buffalo 1-4 in Toronto. Buffalo lost to Seattle last year, 50-17. The lone win was in 2011, 23-0 over Washington.

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