25 years ago, the Bills clinched AFC East, and 'Fandemonium' erupted - The Buffalo News

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25 years ago, the Bills clinched AFC East, and 'Fandemonium' erupted

Scott Norwood

Scott Norwood, shown in a 1991 Buffalo News photo, kicked a field goal from 30 yards in OT to clinch the Bills' AFC East title in 1988.

It was Thanksgiving week 1988, 25 years ago. After seven non-championship years - including a pair of 2-14 seasons - the Buffalo Bills clinched the Eastern Division crown in the AFC with a 9-6 overtime win over the New York Jets. It was time for a town that has been knocked down and bad-mouthed to jump off the mat and proclaim its victory. "What do they call it -- Pandemonium?" linebacker Darryl Talley asked later. "This was fan-demonium. It was so much fun."

Here, from The Buffalo News archives, are the stories about that game: 

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Nov. 21, 1988 Bills touch off 'fan-demonium'

Nov. 21, 1988: Vic Carucci: Celebration by fans 'amazing to see'

Nov. 21, 1988: Larry Felser: When Bills say jump, Fred asks how high?

Nov. 21, 1988: Monday billboard

Nov. 21, 1988: Bills pay physical price for clinching AFC East

Nov. 22, 1988: Editorial: Congratulations, Bills. We're all talking proud

Nov. 20, 1988: Game preview: Bills go after the clincher against the Jets

Nov. 19, 1988: Eyes of world are following Bills' success

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