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Shining a positive light on local media happenings

Like most columnists, I am often accused of being too negative.

My response usually is, “No, I’m not.”

I started to think about this complaint again after seeing a NBC promo for its Dec. 5 live special of “The Sound of Music” with Carrie Underwood.

So in the spirit of the holidays, here are 10 of my favorite things about TV, radio and writing this blog.

1. I enjoyed the report by Channel 4’s Lou Raguse on Monday in which former Buffalo Sabres players Danny Gare and Andrew Peters talked about being part of a University at Buffalo study about the impact of concussions on former professional athletes.

I was surprised to see Peters – who is part of Channel 2’s “Sunday Sports Extra” – being featured on a Channel 4 report so I checked Channel 2’s website to see if it had done a similar story. Sure enough, Channel 2 reporter Scott Brown had done a similar story interviewing Peters and the same doctors that Raguse had. But Raguse’s story was much more thorough and more interesting, largely because of Gare’s participation.

2. I love the fact that I can watch ESPN3 on my iPhone so I could watch my alma mater, No. 9 ranked Syracuse, almost lose a college basketball game to St. Francis of Brooklyn on Monday night before a last-minute comeback. Those are the types of “easy” games that used to air on Time Warner.

3. I enjoyed the optimism of WGR’s sports talk hosts Monday afternoon talking about the Buffalo Bills’ playoff chances despite their 4-7 record. I could almost hear former NFL coach Jim Mora saying “Playoffs? Playoffs?” If the Sabres win a few games starting tonight against St. Louis, I’m not sure if it will be long before Schopp and the Bulldog will be talking … nah, not going to happen.

4. One of the more interesting interviews after Ted Nolan was hired to become the Sabres coach was WGR’s with Brad May, the new Sabres TV analyst who played for Nolan back in the day. I have a feeling May is going to be a good hire.

5. I love the passion of local radio listeners, who recommended my blog on former WBEN gardening expert Ken Brown at record numbers. To be honest, I never heard of Brown’s show before he left. To be even more honest, I had never heard of Brown until a reader alerted me that his show was no longer being carried.

6. I love how Buffalonians take pride in almost any national TV mention, including the attention Monday that NBC’s “Today” and “The Nightly News with Brian Williams” gave the footage of the Bills fan who fell from the third deck of the Ralph on Sunday into the second deck. The negative me might have thought Western New Yorkers would have been embarrassed by the guy’s foolishness.

7. I shake my head and smile when I’m in New York City, take out my iPad and am able to watch the Channel 4 or Channel 2 news back home live to see what I’m missing. That’s how I saw Channel 4’s “Dicey Dining” series.

8. I laughed when reading a BuzzFeed column or blog written this summer about “35 Things Most New Yorkers Do.” No. 1: “(Complain) about Time Warner.” (OK, the word was stronger than complain. After all, they are New Yorkers.) See, we do have things in common with downstaters.

9. I’m really happy that a couple of local radio stations started playing holiday music after Halloween because it’s made me a fan of the new alternative station 107.7. However, I have to agree with my readers who think the new station should instantly identify the songs that are being played and the artists playing them. Did I say how much I enjoy reader input? I should have.

10. I enjoyed the edition of CBS’ “Sunday Morning” two days ago that devoted its entire 90 minutes to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the legacy of the president and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. But then again “Sunday Morning” is one of my favorite things every week.


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