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New York expected to benefit most from health care reform

New York is the state poised to benefit the most from the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, according to an analysis performed by the personal finance website WalletHub.

The website’s rankings took into account changes to each state’s uninsured population, the effect on average insurance premiums, savings on out-of-pocket medical expenses for consumers, taxpayer return on investment and other factors.

WalletHub presented its analysis, released Monday, as an attempt to get past the political rhetoric that surrounds health care reform.

“Ultimately, we hope that this report will help clarify some of the Affordable Care Act’s functions and implications for consumers nationwide,” Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of the personal finance websites WalletHub and CardHub, said in a statement.

“Blue” states that supported President Obama on average ranked higher on the list than “red” states, which lean Republican, in large part because those pro-Obama states were more likely to agree to expand eligibility for the federal Medicaid health care program for the poor.

Those blue states had an average ranking of 20.7 out of 50, compared with an average ranking of 31.9 for red states.

The Affordable Care Act includes an incentive for states that expand Medicaid eligibility, with the promise of federal funding to at least initially cover the full cost of newly eligible enrollees.

WalletHub performed an alternative analysis that assumed every state had agreed to expand Medicaid, and in that scenario New York would fall from first to fourth, behind West Virginia, Maine and Kentucky.

Because Medicaid is a federal program, supported by taxpayers from every state, WalletHub points out that states that didn’t accept the Medicaid expansion are paying into the program without getting much in return.

While taxpayers in Vermont, for example, get $55 in new federal funding for every dollar they will owe for expanded Medicaid, Mississippi is giving up $8.03 for every dollar it will pay toward expanded Medicaid, according to the study.

New York is one of the states that will save money on Medicaid expansion, Wallet- Hub predicted, and the state also will see among the biggest average declines in the cost of insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act.


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