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Yogurt as a staple

Registered dietitian Dayle Hayes might live in Billings, Mont., but she has a keen interest in a new effort in the Buffalo Public Schools: adding Greek yogurt to several of its meal offerings. She is president of Nutrition for the Future, a national force in the healthy school food and physical fitness movements, and makes sure to eat healthy herself at home and on the road.

What do you tend to eat for breakfast?

A container of yogurt – I had Chobani mango yogurt this morning – and a bowl of Montana Crunch, which is local granola made from all sorts of wonderful grains and dried fruits. And I always have coffee for breakfast … one to two cups.

What are the staples of your diet?

I don’t mean to sound boring, but whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat or fat-free milk. When I travel, the two things I miss the most are salads and enough vegetables.

I love chocolate milk. I think the science supports that fat-free chocolate milk has got a whole lot of nutriments, and it’s delicious and chocolaty. I’m giving a talk next week in Idaho about how to eat chocolate. I believe in having a little bit of chocolate every day, whether it’s a small piece of dark chocolate or chocolate milk.

– Scott Scanlon

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