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Outdoors notebook: Invasion of grass carp is a concern

Leaping carp have yet to be seen in Lake Erie, but researchers have unearthed some watery woes about the lake’s possibilities for serving as breeding grounds for those bighead and silver carp that have menaced the Mississippi watershed.

A U.S. Geological Survey last year in Ohio’s Sandusky River found anglers catching grass carp that have successfully reproduced in that river’s basin. Geological Survey scientist Duane Chapman noted, “People have been catching grass carp intermittently in the Great Lakes for a long time, but a lot of people assumed that those carp were sterile.” Not so, according to chemical tests that confirm captured adult carp had been in the river since birth.

Though benign in nature, grass carp could damage shoreline vegetation native fishes need to survive. While bighead and silver carp were not found in the Sandusky River, only Ballville Dam close to Lake Erie stops these and other fish species from entering the lake.

Later in their study, Geological Survey scientists found grass carp samples below the Ballville Dam.

One good 13-pointer

Daylight Savings Time ended today, but last Saturday evening (Oct. 26) Patrick Nowak Jr. archery hunted on his property in the Town of Lewiston.

“I set up a ladder stand back there for my father, Patrick Nowak Sr., but nobody wanted to hunt that rainy afternoon,” Nowak said.

But Nowak endured dank conditions and things brightened at about 5 p.m. when two does came into view, each followed with bucks, one fork horn (4-pointer) and a big-racked bruiser.

Nowak disbursed some Hot Scrape buck scent and waited about 20 minutes before the bigger buck finally moved in for a 30-yard shot he took with his Bear Truth bow.

The buck’s antler count went to 13 points, with an estimated weight of 180 pounds and a rough score of about 158. The rack and head went to Jim Block at Buck Stops Here Taxidermy for mounting.

Deer searching on

Deer Search of WNY coordinator and active field searcher Gary Huber called Tuesday on his way to a search in Marilla. Huber wants to let hunters know the Deer Search dispatch number had been down last weekend from 9 a.m. Saturday until 9 a.m. Monday, but it is now back in service.

It was fortunate that Jacob Snyder, 20, of Marilla could contact Huber, who found what was a respectable 9-point buck. “The deer might score above 130 points but the size of the deer made me stand back,” Huber said of the buck that weighed in at about 220 pounds.

Hunters who have exhausted all possible means of tracking lost big-game animals can opt to have a Deer Search expert come and track that deer or bear. The dispatch number for assistance is in operation during open big-game hunting seasons 24 hours a day at 648-4355.

email: odrswill@gmail.com

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