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Letter: Fisher will make informed decisions

Fisher will make informed decisions

I commend The News for its endorsement of Wynnie Fisher for District 8 in the Erie County Legislature, although I wanted to correct some misperceptions. I have been a colleague and friend of Fisher for 13 years; she is smart, capable and learned, and would be excellent for the Legislature. Although my wife and I are not in her district, we support her candidacy.

Fisher is the type of thoughtful and reflective, highly ethical person the Legislature needs. Unlike many politicians, she thinks before she answers and, like many academics, is resistant to sound-bite bombast. She has recently earned her doctorate, a process that takes the kind of focused learning and discipline that can be beneficial to someone who is new to a position. Her research is both qualitative and quantitative, and thus makes her able to comprehend quickly and efficiently complex matters like budgeting and other legislative problems and procedures.

She is soft-spoken, which in this age means she is often overlooked, but don’t mistake her claims of naiveté to be anything but intellectual humility that is sadly lacking with most politicians these days. She is willing and more capable than most to learn what she needs to learn in the Legislature, and will make smart, informed decisions that will better our county and her district.

Mark K. Fulk


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