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Collins knows culture of entitlement must end

I am so puzzled by the letters criticizing Rep. Chris Collins.

I heard once that the people who populated Western New York held wealth in high esteem. Collins is criticized because he is wealthy? Since when is that a crime? Wealthy people should be respected and hopefully emulated. If our region had more of his ilk, there would be more jobs.

Now Collins has gone to Washington and the chorus of criticism continues.

I for one am very happy to have Collins represent me. As he has stated, he was not sent to Congress to “kick the can down the road.” He knows that things have to change. He knows that the government has never created any wealth. He knows that the culture of entitlement has to end.

The people who take umbrage with his thoughts, words and deeds are those who are comfortable with the way things are. We cannot sustain the way things are. Pointing this out is unpopular; true leaders are not always popular. Collins is a true leader.

Dave Licata


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