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Letter: Collins had the guts to cast difficult vote

Collins had the guts to cast difficult vote

It seems most of the editorials about Rep. Chris Collins cast him as a heavy, a bad guy. Collins is one of the few who actually understands the disaster the United States is in – not heading for, but in. Our country is $17 trillion in debt with no inclination to stop digging the debt deeper.

Washington, especially the empty suit in the White House, is damning our children and grandchildren to a dismal future. Collins was absolutely right in his no vote. Too many citizens these days have no thought of the future. They feel they are entitled to jump on board the Obama cash bandwagon, and to blazes with how their kids will ever dig themselves out.

Almost everyone reading this knows of a person who is gaming the system, accepting benefits he did not earn or is not ethically entitled to. This cannot go on. The president and most of the thieves in Congress could not care less about our horrible fiscal situation. Collins does care and had the guts to vote like a man.

Charles Schwendler

Orchard Park

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