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Flower girl pattern doubles as sundress

Dear Vicki: I really enjoyed your columns about your mother-of-the-groom outfit for the wedding. Was there a flower girl or a ring bearer, and how did they dress? I am helping my daughter and would love input as to what are some sweet and appropriate looks for children in weddings. – Libby N.

Dear Libby: The flower girl was adorable, and she wore Emmaline from Violette Fields – two independent designers with a nice touch for kids. It includes all sizes from 2T to 10 years. This dress could be a sundress. It’s really easy with clear, detailed tutorials, lots of tips for beginners and full color pictures in the instruction book that comes with the pattern. Please try to get it at your local fabric shop, or send me a check for $14.25 (Vicki Farmer Ellis, P.O. Box 220463, St. Louis, MO 63122), and I will send the pattern to you. The pattern can be purchased online at violettefieldthreads.com


Dear Vicki: I saw an amazing price advertised for my dream machine and went to purchase it, but the dealer won’t give me the deal. What do you think of this? You always tell us to scope out the store where we want to purchase, but now I am not so sure if this store is for me. I am so disappointed. They told me there were all sorts of extras that I would need, and the real price was so much higher than the one advertised that I felt baited and angry. I know you can’t do anything; thanks for listening. – Karen C.

Dear Karen: Since I also have a retail store, let me share some insights about the ad you sent me. First of all, the ad was from the manufacturer, not your local shop. Marketing departments are interested only in getting you into the store, and sometimes they get crazy with promotions that are just not realistic. You know the store very much wanted to sell to you. I agree with your shop owner completely! I know you want lessons, inspiration and service, and for heaven’s sake, a physical location, people and expertise – these things represent significant investments in time, energy and money. Expect to pay for this, and you will not be sorry. Every day I field questions from sewers who, to their regret, got “deals,” but now don’t have a real sewing home. Karen, I wish you and everyone out there would spend a bit more time weighing the true value of the package that you are buying. Ask yourself if it is possible that the store has your best interests at heart.

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