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The offbeat side of the news

Political humorist

The political campaign season in Niagara County has been bereft of levity, which is why the off-center humor of a County Legislature candidate caught our attention this week.

Perhaps the tenor of this political hopeful’s whimsy could augment speed dating with speed voting.

At a candidates’ forum in Niagara Falls Monday, 4th District candidate Saladin Q. Allah – who is running on three minor-party lines – was asked by the moderator to “tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Allah answered: “Well, I’m a Capricorn, and I like walks on the beach and 15th century Italian poetry.”

Upholding a principle

At the same forum in the Niagara Falls Public Library, Allah and his fellow 4th District candidate, Republican Candace J. Corsaro, became so talkative that they used up the entire half-hour time period without leaving any time for questions from the audience.

A man in the back of the auditorium shouted: “Is there going to be a chance for questions?”

At first the moderators hesitated, because audience questions would have delayed the rest of the program for other candidates. Eventually, they decided to allow spectators to ask questions of Corsaro and Allah.

“What is your question, sir?” moderator Ken Hamilton asked.

“I don’t have a question,” the man in the back replied.

Picky eater

Fitness expert Dolvett Quince didn’t get the hard body he has by going soft on his eating regimen.

Several Independent Health officials certainly found that out the hard way earlier this week.

Quince, one of the trainers for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” was in Buffalo to participate in a health expo for the regional insurance company and was asked during an interview beforehand what three foods he looks to avoid because of their potential to pile on pounds.

“I have absolutes, things I would not touch during certain times of the day,” he said. “My absolutes are bread at dinner; corn, because of the way it breaks down in my body; and lastly, pasta, for as much as I love it, I don’t eat it.”

Quince paused as he saw the playful frowns on the faces of several officials, mostly women, who were listening.

“Can’t you pick three others?,” one of them begged.

“OK,” Quince said. “Water, brussels sprouts and rice cakes.”

For the record, he was kidding.

But look on the bright side. He didn’t say chicken wings.

A ghoulish connection

You might call it the six degrees of Buffalo.

That is, the connection between 97 Rock radio host Rob Lederman to the original Batman, Adam West?

How do you get there? Well, through former child actor Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster, of course.

Back in the 1980s at Trump’s Castle in Atlantic City, Lederman was doing his stand-up comedy thing. One night he looked out into the audience, and there, all in a row, were Batman and the Riddler, as well as Eddie Munster, the Beaver, the Lone Ranger and even Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. At least, it was the actors who played these iconic TV characters.

Lederman couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I’m sitting back going, ‘what are you all doing here together?’ ” Lederman recalled. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

As it turned out, the bevy of small-screen stars from TV’s golden era were all in town for an autograph convention. Patrick, who apparently loves comedy, decided to stick around for another of Lederman’s shows.

Afterward, he and Lederman struck up a friendship that, ultimately, would bring Patrick to Buffalo for Lederman’s 40th birthday a few years back, and again last weekend for a Halloween-themed event.

Holy Smokes, Batman! It’s almost scary how there’s always a Buffalo connection.

Written by Harold McNeil with contributions from Thomas J. Prohaska, Scott Scanlon and Denise Jewel Gee. email:

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