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Letter: Too late for Weinstein to change his tune now

Too late for Weinstein to change his tune now

There is something especially irritating about politicians who routinely and abruptly abandon their previously stated positions near re-election time. A stark case in point is Barry Weinstein’s newly found opposition to the mindless spread of commercial development in Amherst. His moment of enlightenment took place when a sizable group of neighbors not only opposed the construction of a high-rise hotel in their quiet, rustic neighborhood, but also asked who approved the building variances necessary for this project. The decision was made behind closed doors by people solely appointed by Weinstein. Yet now, as he faces re-election, he expects us to believe that he had no idea this project was being considered, and that he now thinks it is a bad idea.

His recent opposition to unbridled Amherst development strains credibility, given that he personally engaged in private negotiations to give away the Audubon golf course earlier this year. I expect he will return to his pro-development advocacy if he is returned to office in November.

Amherst residents have a golden opportunity on Tuesday. If you think the new hotel at Main and South Forest is site appropriate, that a six-story hotel in a residential neighborhood behind the Lord Amherst enhances our quality of life, or that the Audubon golf course and its adjacent woods, grassland and bike trail should be replaced with macadam, bricks and concrete, then Weinstein is your man.

Perhaps Mark Manna is just the man to help us spare some of our beautiful town from the bulldozers.

Alphonse Kolodziejczak


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