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Letter: Opening more casinos will destroy more lives

Opening more casinos will destroy more lives

According to The News, our governor seems to think that the answer to New York’s relentless spending is to build more and more casinos throughout the state and use the profits (money countless people lose gambling) to help balance the budget.

Now consider the ramifications of this in a more personal way. Who really feels good about losing their money in a casino, which is what almost everyone does? The pitfalls of being hooked on gambling have been the ruination of countless people in a myriad of ways, often leading to criminal records, lost employment, destitute families and broken homes.

Yes, these casinos create jobs, but jobs partially paid for with the money many definitely could not afford to lose. Is this a praiseworthy way to administer a durable nation and balance budgets? When states depend more and more on gambling to solve their unsatiated desire for spending, ignoring the sinister downside, it seems we are heading down the wrong road.

Carmon Becker


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