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Letter: Voters should reject legalized gambling

Voters should reject legalized gambling

I have seen a gambling amendment rejected twice in my memory, but of course, easy money is hard to resist. Previous rejections led to allowing Indian casinos, which were to share the loot with state and local governments. This fell apart when Indians withheld payment due to the opening of state racinos. So our governor is back with a euphemistically worded amendment that we are all supposed to give our blessing to.

Of course, no one will mention that casino gambling is the only available way to tax the poor. Gambling is rife with undesirable conduct such as family dissolution, gambling addiction, embezzlement, ad infinitum. Our constitutional gambling prohibition should be strengthened, not weakened.

I would remind fellow gun owners that our governor sucker-punched us with his midnight oil SAFE Act. If you would like to repay him in kind, while doing a favor for our communities, reject this rose-colored, deceivingly worded casino gambling amendment on Election Day, and vote no on Proposition 1.

Stephen V. Chilcott


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