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Letter: It’s time for Americans to vote out incumbents

It’s time for Americans to vote out incumbents

Now that the financial can has been kicked down the road again, the blame game continues. All we hear now from our esteemed representatives is that this fiasco cost $24 billion. Are they bragging or complaining? And why are they telling us anyway? We, the taxpaying funders of all this mess, had nothing to do with it. Our voices were not even a whisper. Does “taxation without representation” ring a bell?

We can whine, complain, rally and write, as I am doing, and it will mean nothing. Our only voice is in the voting booth. And yes, we will have to choose someone from a “party.” However, if we clean house, the parties will soon get the message. Represent your constituents or get another job in a few years and let the other party take over.

Let’s not get warm and fuzzy about the few bones that are thrown our way now and again. If our present reps are part of the governing body, they are complicit in our embarrassment of a government. Their interest is their job security with and for the party, by wooing voters who insist on doing the same old, as well as the uninformed who count TV ads and flyers.

Mary Kowalczyk

Lake View

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