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Robert E. Leary, Candidate for Lancaster Town Councilman

Bob Leary

Candidate for Lancaster Town Councilman

Lines on Ballot: Independent/Endorsed Republican

Age: 55

Number of years living in town: 9 (Government Transfer 2010 to current)

Occupation/Employer: Retired as supervisory special agent (2009) for 26 years in Federal Law Enforcement; FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Customs (Now Homeland Security) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Currently employed as an assistant vice president (Enhanced Due Diligence Analyst) for M&T Bank in Buffalo.

Top campaign platform agendas:

It is time for new leadership in Lancaster. It’s time to take the patronage and politics out of Town Hall and restore integrity, responsibly, accountability and transparency to our Town Board. I am a Fiscal Conservative, endorsed by the Republican Party and would like to bring my investigative and financial skills to Lancaster Town Hall and work to ensure that our hard earned tax dollars are being spent effectively and responsively.

Biggest issues facing the town:

The two biggest issues facing the town are taxation and spending. We need to find a way to offer the same essential services (Police and Fire) and Infrastructure (Buildings, Highway, Parks) in a more affordable and efficient manner. We also need to eliminate redundancies in our town and villages and combine more of the essential services.

Another important aspect of lowering taxes is that we need to eliminate patronage contracts and jobs. We need to find the most qualified companies to conduct town business without regard to their personal or political affiliations at the lowest cost, while still maintaining acceptable results or services. We also need to hire the most qualified employees to fill all of the town positions and not appoint someone based upon their family or political connections to the board members or other town employees.

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