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Leonard K. Pero, Candidate for Brant Town Supervisor

Leonard K. Pero

Candidate for Brant Town Supervisor

Lines on Ballot: Republican, Conservative, Independent and Taxpayers

Age: 65

Number of years living in town: 65

Occupation/Employer: Self Employed and Town supervisor

Top campaign platform agendas:

Keeping tax rates down and bringing an honest open government to the residents, creating a program to alleviate distressed properties, also very concerned with public safety continuing to bring grants and free services to our community for continued progress. I attracted various grants by networking with public officials of over $2 million such as: Solar Panels on Highway Garage, Parkland expansion, waterline expansion, remodeling and upgrading the senior/community and recreation buildings, upgrading the Police and Highway departments for safety,

Biggest issues facing the town:

Aging town that faces increased costs on fixed incomes, Issues with distressed properties, working to attract new business to our community that would create jobs and also bring water, cable and Natural Gas to areas of town that need it.

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