Lancaster Highway Superintendent candidate, Dan Amatura
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Dan Amatura

Candidate for Lancaster Town Highway Superintendent

Lines on Ballot: Democrat

Age: 65

Number of years living in town: 65

Occupation/Employer: Highway Superintendent, Town of Lancaster

Top campaign platform agendas:

• Implemented emergency plan for inclement weather to ensure that our roads are plowed, salted and safe for the emergency vehicles and the public

• Create a capital improvement program to maintain the infrastructure

• Utilizing the town wide drainage fund to continue the drainage system on a rotating basis

• Establishing a stable highway department budget to keep the tax rate down while continuing to provide the needed services for the residents

Biggest issues facing the town:

• Upgrading the town’s infrastructure and continuing the comprehensive drainage program

•Continue to provide the necessary services while keeping within our budget

• Adopting a more environmentally friendly green program for the town

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